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Picture designed by Zainab Chebbi for Eslam Chebbi, September 23, 2015


Update: Eslam and Zainab


Many have been patient about updates on the return of Eslam. The most I can share is that we continue to fight for his homecoming. The Tunisian government continues to denounce its constitutional obligation to abide by its Supreme Court ruling and uphold the enforcement of the 2013 judgment demanding the return of both Eslam and Zainab to the United States.


Both governments (U.S. and Tunisian) agree that the Tunisian court rulings and their constitutional law are clear, yet we continue to have to pressure the Tunisian government to abide by and enforce its own laws.


In the meantime, the U.S. consulate was granted access to Eslam last month for a home visit, and, for the first time in 1 1/2 years, there was some contact between us, albeit through a 3rd party. Eslam has indicated that he is ready to be ruinted with his mother and sister, and our family continues to push and pray that this happens as soon as possible. 


The Coalition to End International Parental Child Abduction


Earlier this year Return US Home (RUSH) became one of seven parent-led organizations united to bring our children home. Together, we advocate for the rights of seeking parents and children, justice for taking parents, aiders and abettors, adherence to the international rule of law, and domestic and international policy and legal reform.


Our coalition is represented by: Bring Abducted Children Home, Bring Our Kids Home, End Abductions Now, iSTAND Parent Network, Jerry's Army (aka Bring Jerry Home), Return US Home (RUSH), and STOP EXIT.  The coalition combines academic, economic, political, legal, cultural and international expertise to drive conversation and action at the state and national level to prevent and end IPCA.


One of our many accomplishments this past year included a private meeting with Customs and Border Protection agents responsible for the operation of Homeland Security's Prevent Departure Program.  RUSH is happy to be able to provide a summary of the enrollment procedures, offering the first ever guidance to the public on what, until now, has been a rather secretive process. Please review our Steps to Enrollment page. Remember that this is unofficial guidance and should be confirmed with the Office of Children's Issues Prevention Branch


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